Do You Suffer From Self Doubt, Anxiety & Fear of Failure?

The 4 Keys You Must Have To Be Truly Confident

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The key in how to build confidence is how to track it. These tools provide the solution for you.

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Until I discovered what confidence ACTUALLY was, I thought something was wrong with me

What if, everything you knew about confidence was wrong?

“I need more confidence” - Nope

“I’ve got to act confident, else I’ll be found out” - This will wear you out!

“When I get confident, I’ll do my dream project” - I used to think this too.

I didn’t start as a confident person. Hell, I’ve got a list of past opportunities I missed over the years.

I consciously remember on each instance talking myself out of making the vital move to siege the opportunity.

I thought I lacked confidence. I looked around and always found the most confident and outgoing person I could find and then say “I’m not as confident as that”.

I invested A LOT in my quest to be more confident. It was only whilst studying NLP, Hypnosis and Neuroscience that I made a startling realisation:

People don’t want confidence. They want what they think confidence will get them.

Discovering this changed my whole outlook on being confident. I went from trying to increase my confidence to creating an internal mindset and external environment where confidence occurred naturally.

  • I set up my dream business
  • I became more successful in relationships
  • My inner dialogue only enhances my level of confidence, not obliterates it like it used to

After working with others and sharing this philosophy with them I came up with a simple formula around how to live a confident life, free of crippling self-judgement, and allowing them to go for what they want.

The fact you are here tells me you are interested in finding out how to have the level of confidence where you go for what you want. Maybe you have an idea that you’d like to show to the world but fear rejection & ridicule. Maybe you are in a job that gives you zero joy and dream of having your own business.

Whatever it is, when you know the formula for being confident you are on your way to making what you want a reality.

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