3 Traits of Highly Resilient People

Flickr: Mohammad Moniruzzaman

Everyone loves the good times, but what happens when the “sh$t hits the fan’? A couple of years ago I was coaching a very successful property developer who had been in the business of buying houses for over 20 years. I love working with people from different backgrounds because I get to hear insights from a variety of different industries. ... Read More »

Technique Tuesday: Use Visualisation to Increase Your Confidence


Whether you are talking about Sherlock and his innate sense of solving the murder that has all police stumped or someone like Elon Musk who is cleaning up in business innovation, the commonality is their ability to run rings around others with their thinking skills. A great thinker is able to solve problems, be a creative ninja and create an ... Read More »

How To Be A Confident Introvert..3 Ways To Excel in Your Career


In August I am doing a talk where I go into what it means to be a confident introvert and applying that in your career. The idea of being an introvert was once synonymous with being a shy recluse who’d rather watch Friends reruns with their cat than go out socially. With an character assassination like that, it is no ... Read More »

Improve Your Conversation Skills With 2 Simple Tricks


“As we walk into the bar we are surprised to see in front of us….” “A great big green Alien sat on a stool drinking….” “A blended curry, It tells us its good for his digestion he offers us..” “A book of wisdom from the planet Zanus…” This may see like a slightly unusual interaction, however this was an example ... Read More »

Are Your thoughts blocking your ability to be confident? 3 Thoughts Patterns to watch out for.

Sascha Rueb

Over the last couple of years if there has been one concept given more prominence than authenticity it is ‘living in the moment’. To be in the moment and just…..be. To be present and devoid of worry and anxiety about the future or the past. This advice is fantastic and there is absolute beauty in having a full sensory experience ... Read More »

From The World Of Pick Up Artists: Lessons On Social Interaction For Those Not Interested In Pick Up

Carle Thompson

I remember reading ‘The Game’ by Neil Strauss after a newspaper article was written about him. After reading about this skinny bald guy attracting woman with ease I couldn’t wait finding out his secret.   It was a good read and had a lot of similarities with what I was currently reading, namely NLP and hypnosis.   I wanted to ... Read More »

The 3 Stages of Overcoming Social Anxiety

Giovanni Baldini

  Imagine for a moment you are going about your day, maybe a bit of day dreaming, doing a bit of work. All feeling like a pretty average day, I suspect. Suddenly you discover that you are out of food so need to go to the supermarket. To most people this would simply mean taking a trip to the supermarket. ... Read More »